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The Home of Racing Pigeons in North West Cumbria.
The Site is currently under construction please check back regularly
Here You will find Race Results for the North West Cumbria Area.
MainlyThe NWHU. Club,Fed, Combine, Amal, & National Results
Also Sandwith FC, Club,Fed, & Combine Results
All the above!, of course are subject to  these being relayed to me,
If your Club is not listed, and you would like your Club to be included on this site,
please feel free to contact me with details, CLUB,scorers names, results and a little about the birds if you can.
and i will add them to the site.
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A little About Me

Starting back up with Pigeons Again

How I got back in to it

Racing Pigeons

I decided after almost 12months of trying to talk myself out of it, ( but failed … ) to start back up with Racing Pigeons again, in May 2016,
I don’t know about anyone else?, But I never lost that bug or the feeling you get, watching pigeons rip the sky up when they are FIT!, Or the buzz you get when watching them return from training or racing.

I have Joined The NWHU & Sandwith FC for the 2017 Season and will be starting to race with a very small team of Late Bred’s in 2017 as of now! 23/11/2016 ( Only 19 Birds) And I still have not trained yet! So could be even less or none at all. by the time the old Bird Racing comes round 

Previous Racing

 Around 1986 - 1988 

 I did Race Pigeons before, around 1986 - 1988 with my then partner Jay Johnson, who was also my father-in-law at that time, we raced quite well then, Thanks to Jay being able to get the birds in condition as he was retired, and could spend all day with the pigeons.
We won a few races, a few 2,3,4, etc, and some minor FED positions.
And from 1 really Hard race at Cheltenham in 1987 when only about 12 birds in the club ( Sandwith FC ) ever returned. (About 16 members at that time.) We were 2nd club 8th Fed and 25 Combine from 4,360 birds, this was probably our best result in the Fed and Combine in the 2 years we raced. This one race will always stick in my mind .
( More about this in an Article to Follow )

Unfortunately, all this was short lived, as Jay passed away after only 2 years racing, And my job commitments at that time didn’t allow for me to be fair to the birds,
So I decided to quit! the Sport

Some of the 2017 Team

All Late Breds, Is there a Winner among them? I wonder.

All about 4 Weeks old here .

All about 5 Weeks old here and learning the Sputnik game

All about 12 Weeks old here and flying out now